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New Resources Aviation was founded in 2005 to provide pro-active solutions to the aviation industry.  The defense industry has undergone tremendous evolution over the past fifteen years.  International defense customers are demanding a higher level of service than ever before.  It is our goal at New Resources to provide real solutions for real problems in today’s changing world.
We are here to provide you with solutions based on 30 years of component management experience coupled with a customer service driven approach. 

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The aviation Industry has undergone tremendous evolution over the last ten years ....
Globalization, rising competition and higher fuel cost have required the airline Industry to adapt to adverse market conditions. It is our goal at New Resources Aviation to provide real world solutions for real world problems In today's competitive market.


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Part of the service guarantee we offer our customers is our stringent quality control. New Resources Aviation has been ISO 2001 since 2005 and is continuously improving processes based on regular internal audits. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because we built our reputation on it.


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